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Our Services

Delivery Van

We Provide

1 Hour Express Service

2 Hours Urgent Service

6 Hours Normal Service

24/7 Customer Service

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Local Dispatch

With the use of our motorcycle and vans, we are able to handle any item from the size of an envelope to carton boxes. For normal service, you are guaranteed delivery of your consignment within 6 hours from the time we pick up your call for order. For urgent deliveries, we offer 1 or 2 hours express services. We also make trips to places like Cargo Complex and to Jurong Island.

Special Deliveries

We understand that you may have special delivery needs and we have a wide range of services to meet those requirements.

✔ Delivery for Weekends & Public Holidays

✔ Delivery for Night Dispatch 

✔ Bulk Distribution

Permit Connoisseur

We have trained our staff to handle all your documentation needs (e.g. license renewals, permit collections) with the various governmental departments listed below.

✔ Embassies

✔ Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

✔ Land Transport Authority

Strong Customer Service

Courier Coverage Pte Ltd undertakes outsourcing programs as well as other assignments tailored to your requirements.


E-mail or call us at 64406323 to find out more about our contractual service. 

Faithful Butler

We will perform your mundane but critical operational tasks on your behalf so that you can concentrate on other areas of your business.

✔ Daily visits to post offices for mail drops

✔ Daily visits to banks for cheque deposits

✔ Make payments at banks and post offices

✔ Collection of documents from banks and offices

Supplementary Services

We deliver any errands to meet your most unconventional needs.

✔ Tender submission

✔ Make purchases

✔ Deliver and collect items for service/repair

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